With a New Fragrance YSL Celebrates Paris and Love

“J’ai deux amours mon pais et Paris” went a famous song by Josephine Baker. And now this year, despite the tragic events that happened in the city of lights, comes a new fragrance from Yves Saint Laurent, highlighting how Paris has always been and will represent a dream and a lifestyle.

Mon Paris, an evocative and possessive name, because Paris for Monsieur Saint Laurent had always had symbolized truth, passion and raw emotion, there was a sense that rebelled against social inhibitions and celebrated moral freedom. Deep down, Paris had always been an eternal symbol of love for Saint Laurent, it was a constant source of inspiration for his work, his life. Everything that he created was reinforced by a profound connection with his city. In Paris, anything is possible.

It is in this spirit that the new fragrance, Mon Paris by Yves Saint Laurent, an electrifying and surprising perfume, wishes to represent the love-struck woman and her free and modern spirit, which lives through sensations and emotions. The new women’s fragrance, emblem of amour fou , gives off a dazzling brightness, which mirrors an intense unobstructed love. The woman that wears it is free from constraints, spontaneous and intense, like Paris, the city of lovers.

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Mon Paris is a perfume fit for both daytime and night and has a floral, fruity, exciting, seductive and fascinating openness. The fruity notes are Strawberry, Raspberry, Pear and Calabrian Bergamot; the floral notes are Datura, Peony, Orange Blossom, Sambac and Chinese Jasmine; the base notes are Indonesian Patchouli Leaf, White Musk, Ambrox and Patchouli.

With such a composition it almost seems as though the darkness is transformed into light, sweetness into attraction. Like falling in love, with Mon Paris everything gets flipped upside down, starting from the olfactory pyramid.


Created by three celebrated perfumiers, Olivier Cresp, Harry Fremont and Dora Baghriche-Arnaud, Mon Paris YSL is the perfume of a love story that is unconventional, crazy and impulsive, which leads to the breaking of all conventions. The woman who wears it is free and is not afraid to experience the dizzying effect of passion. In fact, Mon Paris, like every woman, is revolution, even of a chemical nature. A rebellious reinvention of the traditional chypre.

A conventional chypre is classical with a beautiful but strict structure, the embodiment of retro Persian chic. On the other hand, Mon Paris literally flips that notion upside down, creating a new unconfined balance by introducing a brave, bold, narcotic white chypre suited for love in today’s day and age. The creators of Mon Paris broke the mold from the conventional structure, working together to create an entirely new chypre experience. The new fragrance is distinguished by its carnal fullness and transparent floral quality, it is a modern floral and fruity chypre, it is exciting, seductive and very compelling.

And we all know how form is content and content is form. For this very reason, Mon Paris’s packaging and bottle combine tradition and revolution. The bottle alone is poised to join the list of some of YSL’s most iconic perfume bottle designs, continuing the legacy of the Paris fragrance bottle. It comes in a multi-faceted glass flacon that is without a doubt worthy of the precious pink elixir within.

The bottle also features a neck-tie which is inspired by archive sketches of lavallières, at the hand of perfume bottle designer Catherine Krunas, inverting the classic pussy bow that usually sits at the front of the neck of a blouse, and using it as a metaphor for a modern love affair at the peak of its passion.

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